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We Are Now Feels So Good

feels so good

What’s In A Name? A Lot, Actually.

After 15 years of designing, printing and partying with you, we’ve decided it’s time for a refresh into a new name. Fine Southern Gentlemen is now Feels So Good.

When my best friend and co-founder, Anthony Sanchez and I started this whole thing we weren’t even screen printers yet. We were booking shows for a local bar we worked at in Nacogdoches, TX and needed a company name to toss on flyers. We had a running joke that we were the last of the fine southern gentlemen in town and we ran with it. We started designing tees to sell at shows to help fund this bar and book bigger bands. Anthony started screen printing at a local shop until we eventually packed up and moved to Austin and started focusing on getting our tees out in the world. We didn’t know what to expect, if anything, but we were having a good time. It was a fun hobby that we could do out of our garage and it gave us an excuse to hang out. 

Well, fast forward a couple years and things grew and changed a lot. We were still designing our own tees, mostly southern themed or country mashups but we also started printing for our friends’ bands, food trailers (remember when food trailers had just started?) and some other local businesses. 

I was finally able to leave my day job and work on FSG full time. I picked up another business partner, Dan Henderson, and together we expanded quickly. Also, Dan was from upstate New York. This was the first cue in my head that Fine Southern Gentlemen may not have been the most fitting name. 

A few years later as we continued to grow, our staff grew, our design aesthetic changed, and our customers changed, it wasn’t the same two-man garage operation anymore. 

After moving in to our newest shop, I remember finally just stopping and looking around one day at the 40ish people that were working in the shop around me. I realized that at least half the staff, if not more were female, trans or non-binary. I put myself in their shoes and thought about what it was like coming in everyday and working your ass off at a place that has Gentlemen stamped all over it. It was time for a change. 

Feels So Good represents everything that we’re trying to achieve, whether that’s the tee we’re making for you or the experience you’re having at one of our events. It better represents the people that work here and the 100+ artists and vendors that contribute to our store. 

Fine Southern Gentlemen will continue to live on as its own brand through tees and accessories in our store so it won’t totally be going away. 

I want to thank everybody for supporting us over the years and hope you’ll continue hanging out with us as we take a giant step in the right direction. 

- Justin Weems - Owner/Co-Founder