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Austin Will Survive

The coronavirus has been devastating for small businesses who are trying to cover necessary expenses and just make it through this pandemic. We want to help.

These are your next three steps, and they won’t cost you a dime. 

1. Send us your company logo, artwork (up to 3 colors), and preferred t-shirt color*.
2. We create a web store for you with product mockups (at no cost), and you decide how long to keep it open (we recommend a week, no longer than two). Click here to see an example.
3. You promote the store through your social media.
Once we reach the end of your store, you make $12 a shirt. If you sell less than 50 shirts, we will adjust the profit share to cover our added costs. Discounted screen setup fees of $10 per color will be applied to your balance. Example: Sell five, two color shirts. $60 - $20 = you get $40.

We will print them in less than ten days and ship them to your customers. Then we cut you a check.
Let’s create a token of support that people can take away from this time. There’s no way to lose if we work together, so let’s raise some funds!