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Bring Music Home - San Diego Poster

Bring Music Home - San Diego Poster

Bring Music Home - San Diego Poster


San Diego's music scene is firmly rooted in surf and skate culture so that was the first thing I wanted to express visually with a pretty direct approach. The San Diego music scene that I know is diverse, inclusive and supportive. From Black to white, LGBTQ to straight, psychedelia to electronic, reggae to soul, goth to funk, hip-hop to folk, DJs to musicians of all types, music fans can find their place no matter what they’re into.

Andrew McGranahan is a freelance Graphic Designer based in San Diego. Much of his work is for the music industry -gig posters, album art, merch designs, etc.- and he is also the Senior Design for Desert Daze. His style is influenced by the poster artists of San Francisco in the 1960s but he states, "I feel like I'd be doing myself and my clients a disservice by just sort of copying that style so finding my own brand of psychedelia, so to speak, seemed like the natural thing to do." Other influences on his work include Ancient History and Mythology, Sci-Fi book covers and films, vintage Swiss design, DADA (he's particularly fond of Max Ernst), the Polish School of Posters, the animation and film work of Terry Gilliam, and so on...

Instagram: @andrew_mcgranahan

18x24" silk screened poster on heavy paper.

Each of these beautifully designed screen print posters are brought to you by the team at “Bring Music Home” - a book + film project, celebrating the people + places of live music. For more info visit: @bringmusichome.

To conserve resources + reduce waste, posters are printed in batches, after pre-orders are tallied. Posters begin shipping according to pre-orders received, between NOW + October. Remember! 100% of proceeds benefit music venue staff who are currently out of work, in partnership with NIVA’s Emergency Relief Fund. THANK YOU for your purchase!

Posters Begin Shipping NOW - OCTOBER